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Éditions du 16e s.

  • N° 378 — (Auteur de l'Antiquité) - CICERO, Marcus Tullius.- In hoc volumine haec continentur. Rhetoricorum ad C. Herennium […]. M.T. Ciceronis de inventione […]. Eiusdem de Oratore ad Quintum fratrem […]. Eiusdem de Claris oratoribus, [qui] dicitur Brutus […]. Eiusdem Orator ad Brutum […]. Eiusdem Topica ad Trebatium […]. Eiusdem Oratoriae partiones […]. Eiusdem de Optimo genere oratorum praefatio quaedam […].
    ( Venetiis, in aedibus Aldi, et Andreae Soceri, mense octobri 1521).

    In-8° : [9]-245-[6] lvs (6 preliminary lvs deplaced and bound at the end of the vol., last blank lf. of the preliminary and lf. with Aldine's anchor missing, wormhole in the 4 first lvs, some lvs slightly yellowed in the middle of the vol., light dampstain in two upper corners, some ink stains, otherwise nice condition).

    Modern binding : half calf, marbled paper boards, gilt decorated ribbed spine, brown sprinkled edges (some small scratches or parts rubbed, corners strongly dulled).

    Second Aldine edition of the rhetorical works of Cicero (1st ed. : 1514). Copy in good condition with some ink initials and with the Aldine's anchor on title-page coloured.
    # Renouard p. 93; # Adams C-1677; # Soltész C-764; STC Italy p. 175; # Machiels C-345; # Dibdin I-436 (1st Aldine ed.); # EDIT 16 CNCE 12215; # USTC 822125.
    Provenance : Pierre Rouchet 1628-1629, rhetor at the Rhetorical Academy of Besançon, who wrote several quotes in Latin an French in the copy (handwritten mention).
    ¶ Seconde édition aldine des oeuvres de rhétorique de Ciceron. Demi-veau moderne (6 ff. lim. reliés à la fin, 2 ff. dont un avec l'ancre aldine manquants).

    Est. : 200 / 250 €
  • N° 379 — (Auteur de l'Antiquité) - Ens. 2 ouvr. en 1 vol. in-8° - DIOGENES LAERTIUS.- De vita, & moribus philosophorum libri decem, novissime iam post o[mn]es omnium castigationes nova diligentia emendati, ad exemplaria Graeca diligenter collati […].
    [ Köln], Eucharius Agrippinas excudebat, 1535 mense Martio.

    Small in-8° : [24]-679 pp. (small foxing, marginal dampstains, marginal tear in one leaf).

    Contemporary binding : blind stamped calf, ribbed spine with blind fillets (spine and edges of the boards renewed, rubbed, lack in the upper turn in, scratches on lower board, corners dulled).

    Compilation of lives and works of Greek philosophers from Anaximander to Epicurius, translated by Ambrosio Traversari. Text illustrated with some ornemental initials and with Agrippinas' vignette on the title-page.
    # USTC 637610; # VD 16 D 1838; # Machiels 197; # Soltész D-171; # not in Adams (other ed.).
    BOUND WITH, same condition but foxing more numerous : VIVES, Juan Luis.- De officio mariti [...] ab ipso autore multis in locis nunc primum auctus & recognitus [...]. Basileae, in officina Roberti Winter, 1538 mense Martio. [38]-[2 bl.]-155-[3] pp. (incomplete of last blank lf.). Treatise on the institution of marriage, with observations on women's psychology and weaknesses, by Vives (1493-1540), Valencian scholar and humanist and friend of Erasmus. # VD 16 V 1883; # USTC 667559; # not in Machiels, Adams, Soltész.
    ¶ Recueil des vies et oeuvres de philosophes grecs. Plein veau estampé à froid (rouss., mouill. marg., rel. en partie restaurée). Relié avec le traité sur le mariage de Vives.

    Est. : 300 / 400 €
  • N° 380 — (Auteur de l'Antiquité) - MACROBIUS, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius.- Integer nitidus suoque decori a Joanne Rivio restitutus. Cum indicio & amplo & veridico.
    Venundatur ab Jodoco Badio & Joanne Parvo (impressi Parrhisiis accuratione Ascensiana), ad Kalendas Februarias calculo Romano [1st February] 1515.

    Little in-f° : [2]-117-[1 bl.] ff. (waterstains, some various stains, little hole slightly burned on leaf 4, some old ink notes in Latin and underlinings, some modern pencil notes in English).

    Contemporary binding : overlapping limp parchment, manuscript title on the board, flat back, manuscript title (spine and endpapers renewed, original boards soiled and used, upper board distorted).

    RARE POST-INCUNABLE, reprint of the Rivius edition printed in Venice for Giunta in 1513. It includes two famous works by the Roman grammarian and Neoplatonist philosopher (4th/5th century) : the commentary on the "Dream of Scipio" and the "Saturnalia". Fine title with the mark of Jehan Petit within architectural woodcut border, woodcut initials and figures in the text : Arabic astronomers using scientific instruments (sextant and others), curious world map engraved in reverse (one of the earliest showing the Indian subcontinent), diagrams, etc. Old endpaper preserved with a long manuscript note in Latin.
    # Renouard, Badius, III-53, n° 1; # STC French 295; # not in Adams, Machiels.
    Provenance : Fr. Machabeis [?] (manuscript mention); Jacobus Jultus [...?] (idem).
    ¶ Rare post-incunable, réimpression de l'édition Rivius (Venise 1513), incluant les commentaires de l'auteur sur le "Songe de Scipion" et les "Saturnalia". Fig. sur bois dans le texte (dos et gardes renouvelés, plats d'origine souillés et us., plat sup. déformé).

    Est. : 700 / 800 €
  • N° 381 — (Auteur de l'Antiquité) - [ OVIDIUS NASO, Publius].- Le trasformationi di M. Lodovico Dolce. Di nuove ristampate, e da lui ricorrette, et in diversi luoghi ampliate […].
    Venetia, appresso Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari e fratel., 1553.

    In-4° : [16, engr. title included]-309-[9] pp. (monogrammed stamp in the margin of p. 1, rare small stains, margin of p. 302 skilfully repaired, copy in very good condition).

    19th century binding : brown (olive) calf, boards with a double fillets frame, ribbed spine with gilt fillets and red leather label, gilt fillet on the edges, gilt roll-stamp on the turn ins, gilt edges (spine, joints and edges rubbed, small wears on the boards, corners dulled, copy trimmed).

    Second edition of the translation, or more precisely of the adaptation, by Lodovico Dolce of Ovid's Metamophoses, published the same year as the princeps. Illustrated with an architectural title-border (Giolito's phoenix device in it), a world map with America labelled "Nueva Hispania" and 84 woodcuts in the text with ornemental side pieces by the architect Antonio Giovanni Rusconi. Text printed in italics in two columns with historiated initials, some ornemental head-pieces and one tail-piece. The theorist of painting Dolce (1508-1568) was a prolific author, translator of Greek and Latin authors and editor. He was one of the most active intellectuals in Venice.
    # Mortimer 342; # Adams O-508; # STC Italy p. 482; # USTC 845803; # Edit 16 CNCE 54429; # not in Soltész nor in Machiels.
    ¶ Seconda edizione della translatione delle Metamorfosi di Ovidio, o più giustamente dell'adattazione del Dolce. Illustrato con un titolo architettonico e 85 vignette xylografiche di Antonio Giovanni Rusconi. Novocentensca pelle verde (leg. un po usata, buona condizione).
    ¶ Seconde édition de la traduction, ou plus précisément de l'adaptation, des Métamorphoses par Dolce. Titre dans un encadrement architectural et illustré de 85 vignettes. Plein veau du 19e s. (lég. us. à la rel., bonne condition).

    Est. : 800 / 1.000 €
  • N° 382 — (Droit) - Ens. 2 ouvr. en 1 vol. - SALWECHTER, Jacob.- Dboeck van exceptien inden rechte, seer nut ende profitelijck om eenen persoon oft een saecke voor rechte te verweeren, verantwoorden, beschudden ende te beschermen, vergadert uit den gheestelijcken ende weerlijcken rechten.
    Antwerpen, Hans de Laet, 1551.

    Small in-8° : [56] lvs (light stains and slightly browned).

    Modern binding : parchment (upper margin cropped occasionally touching the 1st line, slightly used).

    FIRST EDITION of the Dutch translation of "Acervus exceptionum iuris" (Frankfurt, 1546) by Jacob Salwechter (?), lawyer and judge at the court of Marburg. Woodcut on titlepage.
    # ADB 25, 384-387; # Archiv des Criminalrechts 19, 91; # BT 4228; # Machiels 81; # not in STC Dutch, Adams, DBNL.
    BOUND WITH, same printer and same year : [PERNEDER, Andreas].- Een tractaet van criminele saken die dlijf aengaen [...], leerende wat me[n] doen ende laten sal (na uitwijsen vande rechte) in saken daer dore dat een mensche soude mueghen beschadicht werden aen zijn goet, fame oft aen zijnen lichaeme. Idem, id., 1551. [68] lvs.
    FIRST EDITION of this Dutch manual on the penal code inspired by Perneder's "Halsgerichtsordnung" that formed the basis of criminal law throughout the sixteenth and the seventeenth century. Woodcut on title page.
    # Machiels 205; # not in STC Dutch, neither in Adams.
    TOGETHER 2 RARE ANTWERP IMPRINTS offering the contemporary reader practical manuals on criminal law in vernacular Dutch.
    ¶ Réunion de 2 rarissimes traités de droit criminel destinés à un public néerlandophone, imprimés à Anvers. Titres ornés d'un bois gravé (qqs faibles taches). Plein vélin moderne (marge sup. rognée touchant la première ligne de texte de qqs pp.).

    Est. : 1.500 / 2.000 €
  • N° 383 — (Emblemata) - FAERNO, Gabriele.- Centum fabulae ex antiquis auctoribus delectae […].
    Antverpiae, ex officina Christoph. Plantini, 1567.

    In-16° : 173-[1] pp., interleaved (title slightly soiled, stains and waterstains, loss of paper with minor loss of text on leaves K5 and L5, without the last blank leaf).

    19th century binding : half marbled paper, flat spine with paper title-label, contemporary gauffered and painted edges (used, tears on the spine with lacks, cuts and corners stripped).

    Rare reprint of the first Plantinian edition of 1566, illustrated with a title-border and 100 woodcuts by Arnold Nicolai and Gerard Janssen van Kampen (partly with their monograms) after designs of Pieter van der Borcht.
    # Voet 1163; Funck 312; Adams F-116; Landwehr F-96; not in Machiels.
    BOUND WITH : ALCIATI, Andrea.- Emblemata ad quae singula, praeter concinnas acutásque inscriptiones, lepidas & expressas imagines [...]. Lyon, Guillaume Rouillé, 1564, in-16°, 260-[10] pp. (pp. 179-180, 189-190, 237-238 lacking, waterstains and stains). # Landwehr, Romanic, 67; # Tourneur IX-299; # STCV French, 8; # pas dans Praz. Copy with 205 (of 211) woodcuts.
    Provenance : E. Donat (handwritten mention).
    ¶ Rare réimpression de l'éd. plantinienne de 1566 ill. de 100 emblèmes gravés sur bois. Rel. avec un recueil de 205 (sur 211) emblèmes (taches et mouill., manque de papier aux f. K5 et L5 avec lég. atteintes au texte, rel. us.).

    Est. : 150 / 200 €
  • N° 384 — (Emblemata) - SAMBUCUS, Joannes.- Emblemata, et aliquot nummi antiqui operis […].
    Antverpiae [i.e. Leiden], apud Christophorum Plantinum, 1584.

    in-16° : 352 pp. (pp. 231-232 lacking, cut close to the text, lack of paper with minor loss of text on leaf P5).

    19th century binding : marbled brown sheepskin, flat spine with gilt fillets and red leather title-label (slightly rubbed, weakened joint, slightly dulled corners, printed bookseller-notice glued on the inside cover).

    Fifth (and not fourth as stated on the title) edition (1st ed. 1564), printed by Plantin at Leiden, but a number of copies - as this one - received a title-page with his Antwerp imprint. Woodcut illustrations in the text : portrait of the author, 219 (of 221) emblems and 45 figures of coins or medals, by Arnold Nicolai, Gerard Janssen van Kampen and Cornelis Muller, after Pieter Huys and Lucas d'Heere. One figure showing tennis players (p. 121).
    # Voet 2172B; Praz 487; BT 4244; Landwehr 713 (variant with Leiden's imprint).
    Provenance : Frederick Charles Husenbeth (1796-1872), English Catholic priest, writer (handwritten mention dated 1852).
    ¶ Cinquième édition (et non quatrième comme indiqué au titre). Ex. illustré d'1 portrait, 219 (sur 221) emblèmes et 45 figures de numismatique (rogné près du texte, manque de papier avec pet. perte de texte au f. P5, rel. lég. frottée, un mors affaibli, coins émoussés, notice impr. de libraire collée au contreplat).

    Est. : 200 / 250 €
  • N° 385 — (Histoire, Antiquité) - Ens. 2 ouvr. - AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS.- Rerum gestaru[m] libri xviii […]. Quanto vero castigatior hic scriptor nunc prodeat, ex Hieronymi Frobenii epistola, quam hac de causa addidimus, cognosces. Librum trigesimumprimum qui in exemplari Frobeniano non habetur, adiecimus ex codice Mariangeli Accursii.
    Parisis, ex officina Rob. Stephani, 1544 (xvi. Cal. Jun.).

    In-8° : 513 [i.e. 543] pp. (small foxing, very light marginal dampstains - large in the end of the vol. -, good condition).

    Modern pastiche binding in 16th century style : limp vellum with visible sewing, boards decorated with a blind fleuron in the center within a gilt fillet with small flower tools in the corners, flat spine, gilt edges (upper board distorted).

    Roman history originally composed of 31 books and covering the period from 96 to 378 but the first thirteen books having been lost, only survives the part concerning the year 353 until 378. This edition contains a preface by Froben from his edition of Basel 1533 and includes the book XXXI which was not in the 1533 edition. The historian Ammianus Marcellinus (c. 325/330-c. 391/400) served as soldier in the army of Constantinus II and Julian in Gaul and Persia. Printed in italics with Robert Estienne's device on the title-page.
    # Renouard 17; # Adams A-972; # Machiels A-318; # USTC 149245; # not in STC French nor in Soltész.
    JOINT : VELLEIUS PATERCULUS, Caius.- [Historiae Romanae]. Cum notis Gerardi Vossi G.F. Lugd. Batavorum [Leide], ex officina Elzeviriana, 1639, 2 parts in 1 vol. in-12°, contemporary red morocco (binding rubbed). FIRST EDITION with the commentary of Gerard Vossius; illustrated with an engraved title figuring Aeneas fleeing burning Troy with Anchisis and Ascianus (ms. contemporay caption added); two editions were published the same year, ours is the first issue with the dedication dated from Amsterdam 1639 "Pridie Kal. Majas"; # Willems 484; handwritten provenances : William or Gulielmus Walker and ex dono from Walker to James R. Grewan, 1860.
    ¶ Histoire romaine de l'un des plus importants historiens de l'Antiquité tardive. Rel. pastiche dans le style 16e s. en plein vélin (plat sup. bâillant). Avec les oeuvres de Velleius Paterculus jointes.

    Est. : 350 / 400 €
  • N° 386 — (Histoire, Antiquité) - GOLTZIUS, Hubert.- Fastos magistratuum et triumphorum romanorum ab urbe condita ad Augusti obitum ex antiquis tam numismatum quam marmorum monumentis restitutos.
    Brugis Flandrorum, (excudebat Hubertus Goltzius), 1566 (mense martio).

    In-f° : [24, engr. title incl.]-288-[44] pp. (light marginal dampstains sometimes on all the length of the margin, some pp. slightly browned, wormhole in the lower margin in the end of the vol.).

    Modern binding : brown leather, ribbed spine (light scratches, spine slightly rubbed).

    ONLY EDITION of this work on the history of the Ancient Rome, from its origins until the death of August, containing 234 wood or copper-engravings related to numismatics and epigraphy. Allegorical engraved title figuring Rome dominating the enslaved people; large mark of Goltzius (1526-1583) at the reverse of last leaf.
    # USTC 401258; # BB III-247/248; # Funck 323; # Hubertus Goltzius en Brugge. Cat. d'expo. Brugge, 1983, p. 50 and n° 40; # Adams G-833; # BT 1296; # not in Machiels nor in Soltész.
    Provenance : M. de Bérenger (emblazoned ex libris); René Moreau 1871 (handwritten mention on the ex libris).
    ¶ Unique édition de cet ouvrage relatant l'histoire de la Rome antique, des origines à la mort d'Auguste. Contient 234 pl. numismatiques ou épigraphiques. Plein cuir moderne (claires mouill. marg. parfois sur toute la longueur de la marge).

    Est. : 500 / 600 €
  • N° 387 — (Histoire, Antiquité) - ORTELIUS, Abraham.- Aurei Saeculi Imago, sive Germanorum veterum vita, mores, ritus, & religio. Iconibus delineata, et commentariis ex utriusque lingua auctoribus descripta.
    Antverpia Aduaticorum, apud Philippum Gallaeum, 1596.

    In-4° : [14] lvs (stamp erased and handwritten mention hidden on the title-page, margin of title-page reinforced, foxing, title-page and last lf. slightly browned, lf "B" teared without lack, marginal dampstain in the beginning).

    Modern binding : leather, boards with a gilt roll-stamp, flat spine (ex libris detached of the upper pastedown, trimmed).

    UNIQUE EDITION of the rarest book of Ortelius according Funck on the life of ancient Germans. Illustrated with 10 vignettes by Peter van der Borcht.Plantin's device on reverse of last leaf.
    # Funck p. 374; # BT 2284; # USTC 402373; # not in Adams, Machiels, Soltész.
    ¶ Unique édition de cette histoire des anciens Germains. Illustrée de 10 vignettes par P. van der Borcht. Plein cuir moderne (défraîchi).

    Est. : 120 / 150 €
  • N° 388 — (Histoire, France) - DU BOULLAY, Edmond.- Les généalogies des tresillustres et trespuissans princes les Ducs de Lorraine Marchis, avec le discours des allia[n]ces & traictez de mariages en icelle Maison de Lorraine, jusques au duc François dernier décédé […].
    Paris, on les vend au Palais en la gallerie comme on va en la Chancellerie, en la boutique de Jehan Longis, 1549.

    In-8° : [72] ff. (claire mouill. passim).

    Rel. du 17e s. : plein maroquin rouge, plats cernés d'une roulette, d'un filet et d'une dentelle dorés, dos fleuronné doré à nerfs, roul. dorées sur les coupes et remplis, tr. dorées (pet. us. au plat inf., trois coins émoussés).

    Seconde édition (éd. orig. : 1547, Metz, in-4°) illustrée de 18 armoiries (duché de Lorraine, Philippe de Haraucourt, Claude Le Blanc, seigneur d'Ollan, Jean de Florainville...). Texte orné de lettrines ornementées sauf une sur fond criblé. Du Boullay (1510 ?-1576), héraut d'armes et roi d'armes de Lorraine et de France, est connu pour avoir organisé et ensuite consigné le cérémonial des funérailles de plusieurs princes des maisons de Lorraine et de Lorraine-Guise.
    # Saffroy 44321; # STC French p.142; # USTC 29653; # pas dans Adams, Machiels, Soltész.

    Est. : 500 / 600 €
  • N° 389 — (Histoire, France) - [ GAGUIN, Robert.- Compendium super Francorum gestis].
    ( Parisiorum, Anthonius Bo[n]nemere [pour Thomas du Gernier], xii Julii 1514).

    In-8° : [15 (sur 16)]-cccx (sur cccxii) ff. (incomplet du titre gravé et des ff. ccciv et cccv; perforations marg. aux ff. de tables, le 1er de celles-ci avec déch. dans le texte et marge sup. renforcée, début et fin de l'ex. : mouill., parfois larges et avec moisissures et marges int. restaurées, pet. taches à la fin, notes marg. mss de l'ép.).

    Rel. de l'époque : plein vélin à rabats, dos lisse titré à la plume, tr. jaspées de rouge (lacets de fermeture manquants, note ms. sur les contreplats et garde sup., ex-libris arraché du contreplat sup.).

    Compilation post-incunable de divers écrits, dont celui de Gaguin, sur l'histoire de France depuis Pharamond jusqu'à Louis XII, publiée sous la direction de Josse Bade. Texte orné de lettrines sur fond criblé, certaines grandes historiées ou ornementées, et avec la marque typographique à pleine page de Gernier. Le diplomate et historien Gaguin (1434 ?-1501) fut ministre général de l'ordre des Trinitaires dont il publia une réforme des statuts en 1498. L'édition originale parut en 1495.
    # Renouard, Josse Badius Ascensius, II-452; # STC French p. 192; # USTC 181463; # pas dans Soltész, Adams (autres éd.), Machiels (id.).
    ¶ Early postincunabulum of this history of France illustrated with a full-page printer's mark on the last leaf. Contemporary vellum (engr. title, lvs 104 and 105 missing, large dampstains, margins reinforced in the beginning and the end, tears in the tables and in the text at lf. 1).

    Est. : 400 / 500 €
  • N° 390 — (Histoire, Italie) - GUICCIARDINI, Francesco.- Dell’historia d’Italia. Gli ultimi quattro libri non piu stampati […].
    Vinegia, appresso Gabriel Giolito De' Ferrari, 1564.

    In-8° : [34]-477-[2] pp. (title-page slightly browned and partly detached, tears - usually small - repaired, foxing, tiny marginal wormholes, somewhat stained, marginal dampstain in the end - larger in the last lvs -, small hole in the margin of p. 477).

    17th century binding : vellum with visible sewing, flat spine, blue edges (partly and slightly rubbed, worhmole in the lower joint).

    FIRST EDITION of the 4 last books (XVI-XX) of this history of Italy, edited by Agnolo Guicciardini. The entire work covers the years between 1490 and 1534 and contains government records and Guicciardini's own souvenirs. The author (1483-1540) served the papal administration for twenty years and was a friend and critic of Machiavelli. Ornemental head-pieces and initials, printer's device on the title-page and last leaf.
    # USTC 835396; # Adams G-1519; # STC Italy p 321; # not in Soltész nor in Machiels.
    IFHZ Edizione originale. Piena pergamena seicentesco (piccoli strappi restaurati, macchia d'acqua alla fine).
    IFHZ Édition originale des 4 derniers livres de cette histoire d'Italie. Plein vélin du 17e s. (pet. déch. restaurées, mouill. à la fin).

    Est. : 150 / 200 €
  • N° 391 — (Religion) - Ens. 2 ouvr. - DIONYSIUS Carthusianus.- De perfecto mundi contemptu opusculum. Contenta sequentes pagellae indicabunt.
    Antverpiae, in aedibus Joan. Latij, 1551.

    In-16° : [8] lvs-368 lvs (+/- large dampstains, title-page and last lf. soiled, small wormhole in the two first lvs).

    Contemporary emblazoned binding : calf, gilt decorated ribbed spine with coat-of-arms, sprinkled edges.

    Collection of 7 moral and ascetical treatises by Dionysius the Carthusian (1402-1471), famous Belgian theologian from Limburg and mystic. Edition shared between Johannes Steelsius and Jan - or Hans - à de Laet, some copies showing on title-page "In aedibus Johannes Steelsius" and at the colophon "typis Joan. Latii". The first edition was published in 1530 in Köln.
    # BT 906; # USTC 400830; # Adams D-543 (ed. 1530); # not in Machiels nor in Soltész (other ed.).
    Provenance : abbey of Tongerlo (emblazoned supra libros; # de Jondhe d'Ardoye 465); Benoît Van Moockenborch (handwritten mention); ms. note from 1793 certifying the work follows the Christian commandments.
    JOINT : BARONIO, Cesare.- Annales ecclesiastici. Tomus quartus. Antverpiae, ex officina Plantiniana (apud viduam, et Joannem Moretum), 1594, 1 (of 12) vol. in-f°, blind stamped pigskin dated 1595, boards decorated with roll-stamps (one with portraits) and fillets, ribbed spine, blue edges (marginal dampstains, one tie lacking). FIRST PLANTINIAN EDITION of the vol. IV of the most important work of the Italian divine and scholar (1538-1607); title within an architectural frame (with Saints Pieter and Paul, the emblem of the Congregation of the Oratory - Mary with child - above and below the allegory of Religion submitting the heretics) and illustrated with 1 plate figuring medallions (engraved recto/verso) and with some vignettes in the text; # Adams C-238, # Voet I-252; several 17th cent. marks of ownership of which one the Jesuit college of Ensishem.
    ¶ Collection de 7 écrits moraux et ascétiques par Denys le Chartreux. Plein veau armorié de l'ép. (titre et dernier f. salis). 4e tome des "Annales ecclesiastici" de Baronio joint.

    Est. : 200 / 250 €
  • N° 392 — (Religion) - FERNANDUS, Carolus.- De animi tra[n]quillitate libri duo […].
    Venundantur Parhisiis, in aedibus Ioannis Parvi & Jodoci Badii Ascensii, (13th November 1512).

    Little in-4° : [6]-lxxiii-[1] ff. (capitals enhanced with yellow colour, marginal waterstains, some stains, old manuscript note on the last blank page and handwritten mention on the title).

    17th century binding : vellum, flat spine with manuscript title, red sprinkled edges (binding slightly soiled, little stains and little holes on the upper board, one corner naked).

    RARE POST-INCUNABULUM, First edition of one of the main work of the Bruges humanist and Benedictine monk C. Fernand (Bruges middle 15th cent. - 1517 Le Mans). Decorated with Badius's printer's mark and ornamental initials. The author lived in Paris, where he was musician in the royal chapel and member of the circle of humanists around Robert Gaguin. According certain sources, he was blind since his childhood. About 1492 he retired to the Benedictine monastery of Chezal-Benoît in Berry. In 1508 or 1509 he moved to the abbey Saint-Vincent of Le Mans, where he died. In "De animi tranquillitate", dedicated to François Deloin, jurisconsult, humanist and protector of Chezal-Benoît, he extols the cloister life and describes the duties of the monk and the path that led him to true tranquility.
    # Renouard, Badius, p. 439; # Machiels F-72; # STC French 163; # Contemporaries of Erasmus II-21/22; # not in Adams.
    ¶ Rare post-incunable. Édition originale d'un des principaux ouvrages de l'humaniste brugeois C. Fernand (mouill. marg., qqs taches, note ms. ancienne au dernier f. blanc, mention ms. au titre, rel. lég. souillée, pet. taches et pet. trous au plat sup., un coin à nu).

    Est. : 500 / 600 €
  • N° 393 — (Religion) - GREGORIUS IX.- Decretales : cum summarijs suis et textuum divisionibus. Ac etiam rubricarum continuationibus.
    ( Venetiis, per Baptistam de Tortis, 1501. die xxiii. Julii).

    In-f° : [4]-303 lvs (last blank lf. missing, copy in fresh condition with minor defects : small marginal waterstaining, small marginal tear, one reinforced in lf. [3], stain focused on a few lvs, foxing mostly marginal, a few marginal wormholes, some lvs slightly yellowed in the end of the vol.).

    Contemporary binding : blind stamped pigskin on wooden boards, sides decorated with fillets, roll-stamps and lozenge fleurons, ribbed spine, brass clasps, ink title on the fore-edge (small wears, some wormholes).

    RARE VERY EARLY POST-INCUNABULUM of the Decretales printed at 2.300 copies. Text in Gothic types printed in black and red, rubricated and surrouned by the extend commentaries of Hieronymus Clarius which include annotationes of Ludovico Bolognini. Copy in strong paper with wide margins. The Venetian printer Battista Torti first published the Decretales in 1484 and reprinted them in 1491 (first containing the gloss of Hieronymus Clarius), 1494, 1496, 1500, 1501 and 1504.
    # EDIT 16 # USTC 801628; # not in Adams, Machiels, Soltész, STC Italy.
    Provenance : Georg Franz Burkhard Kloss (Frankfurt am Main 1787-1854), historian of freemasonry (ex libris) whom library was sold in 1835, i.e. lot 115 of the sale (?); "Theological seminary presented by Thomas Fleming esq." (ex libris); theological seminary of Decatur, Georgia (stamp).
    ¶ Très rare post-incunable des Décrétales de Grégoire IX éditées par Hieronymus Clarius (incluant des notes des commentaires de Ludovico Bolognini). Pleine peau de truie estampée à froid de l'ép. (bonnde condition, défauts ou us. mineurs).

    Est. : 4.000 / 5.000 €
  • N° 394 — (Religion) - Sanctus HIERONYMUS.- [ Opera […] per Marianum Victorium Reatinum, ex manuscriptis codicibus multo, labore emendata, & ab innumeris erroribus vindicata […].
    Antverpiae, ex officina Christophori Plantini, 1578 [- 1579].

    9 parts in 3 vol. in-f° : [28]-637 [i.e. 639]-[30], [186 (of 190)], [8]-530-[2 bl.], 59, [2]-[2 bl.]-287, [12]- 232 (of 234), [8]-222, [4]-288, [4]-[314] pp. (incomplete of : quire "E" and pp. 101 and 107 in vol. I, p. 1 in vol. VI, blank lvs at the end of vol. VI-VII-IX and of the general index, index of vol. I bound at the end instead of the beginning, pp. 99 and 109 in double in vol. I, lvs inverted in quire "I" in t. VII, Index locupletissimus bound in vol. I, 4th part in our copy deplaced - should have been after part VI -; marginal waterstaining, several pp. slightly browned, some foxing, a few margins reinforced, some tears repaired, p. 3 of vol. III with large lacks repaired and upper corner of last lf. in vol. IX - with lack of text -, last lf. of vol. II soiled, some ink stains, wormholes in the first margins of vol. III, contemporary ms. note on the t.-p. of vol. IV).

    18th century binding : half marbled calf, boards of leather with gilt medallion in the center (vol. I & III) or marbled paper boards (vol. III), ribbed spine with red and black labels (original boards preserved in vol. I and II, repairs on the same vol., some wormholes, upper turn in of vol. I lacking, some joints partly split, wears - mostly on the spines -, small label stuck on the spine of vol. I).

    Complete collection of the works of Saint Jerome edited by Marianus Victorius, with some corrections and changes compare to the first edition he gave in Rome in 1565-1572. This edition was considered by Plantin to be a continuation of the complete works of Saint Augustinus. There are two variants of the tomus I containing the letters of Saint Jerome : one with the first quire (including the French title, the frontispiece, the general title, and the dedicatory letter of Plantin to Archduke Mathias of Austria) and with an Index in the preliminary leaves and the other without this quire and Index. Our copy is a mix of the two variants as it doesn't contain the first quire but has the Index (bound at the end of tomus I). Each part, except one, is preceded by its own title-page with Plantin's device.
    # Voet 1333 and 1334; # BT 1452 and 5956; # Adams J-120; # USTC 414911; # not in Machiels nor in Soltész.
    Provenance : Charles Wilmet, priest (ex-libris).
    ¶ Collection complète des oeuvres de Saint Jérôme éditées par Marianus Victorius. Demi-veau marbré du 18e s. (incomplet de plusieurs pp. ou cahiers, mouill. marg., plats originels cons. aux vol. I et II, défauts).

    Est. : 600 / 800 €
  • N° 395 — (Religion) - Hor[a]e divi[n]e v[ir]ginis Marie s[e]c[un]d[u]m usum Romanu[m].
    [ Paris, Gillet et Germain Hardouin, Almanac 1513-1527].

    In-8° (16,4 x 10 cm) : [96] lvs printed on vellum, illuminated (upper and right margin of title page slightly trimmed, lower margin of G1 partly cut off, M1 wrongly numbered M2, small perforation in the center of D9 affecting the image).

    Modern binding : full red calf, gold tooled title on flat spine, gilt edges (slightly used).

    VERY FINE BOOK OF HOURS, in Latin, for the use of Rome, printed by the Hardouins. Illuminated with a title page figuring the "homo anatomicus" on its verso, 16 FULL-PAGE and 26 SMALLER WOODCUTS in the text, and 4 historiated borders. ALL VIVIDLY COLOURED AND HEIGHTENED IN GOLD.
    Text (12 x 6,2 cm) : 31 lines, signed A-M by 8, ruled in light pink, gothic textura font in black, initials in liquid gold on blue or red ground.
    Content : title, table, almanac 1513-1527, calendar, Gospels according to John, Luke, Matthew and Marc, Passion according to John, Hours of the Virgin and colophon.
    Iconography : title with Hardouin's printer's mark overpainted with heraldic shield figuring a tower on a hill with a lion on top, the Anatomic man, S. John the Evangelist, the Mocking of Christ, the Annunciation (3 times), Visitation, Nativity, Annunciation to the Shepherds, Adoration of the Magi, Presentation at the Temple, the Flight into Egypt, the Coronation of the Virgin, King David, unidentified scene, the Crucifixion and the Pentecost. All scenes presumably designed in the workshop of the illuminator and entrepreneur Jean Pichore, who supplied designs in early Renaissance style for several books of hours by different printers.
    # Lacombe 243; # Brunet 241.
    Provenance : "S.D.S." (initials painted in red on the title page); Edward Davenport (modern armorial ex-libris).
    ¶ Livre d'heures en latin, à l'usage de Rome, sur vélin, des presses des Hardouins, avec calendrier de 1513 à 1527. Renfermant outre le titre et l'homme anatomique, 16 enluminures à pleine page et 26 dans le texte, le tout sur bois, rehaussées de couleurs vives et dorées (titre et marge inf. de G1 faiblement rognés, perforation au milieu du feuillet D9 affectant l'image au verso). Reliure mod. veau maroquiné rouge.

    Est. : 4.000 / 5.000 €
  • N° 396 — (Religion) - LANSPERGER, Johannes; VAN HEMERT, Antonius.- Meditatien en[de] devote gebede[n] op dat leven, liden, en[de] glorificatie ons heeren Jesu Christi ghedeylt in C.en.I. articulen […].
    Thantwerpen, Symon Cock, 19 Juli 1551.

    In-12° : [10 incl. titel]-133-[1] pp. (small wormhole in the middle of the first lvs, brown staining at lower right corner of last lvs, tear without any loss at lower margin of F1).

    Modern binding : half-calf, corners, ribbed spine (small inkstain on edges of last lvs).

    FIRST AND ONLY EDITION of this VERY RARE devotional work in vernacular based on the writings of Joannes Lansperger (1489-1539), carthusian monk in Cologne. Translation in Flemish by Antonius van Hemert (1st half of the 16th Cent.), augustine canon of Windesheim at Marienhage near Eindhoven. Title printed in red and black with vignette, text in neat typography with engraved initials and ILLUSTRATED WITH OVER 50 WOODCUTS.
    # BT 1809; # Lourdaux & Persoons 22; # not in Machiels, STC Dutch nor Adams; # NNBW VIII-520.
    ¶ Édition originale et unique de ce livre de dévotion basé sur les écrits de Jean Lanspergius, chartreux à Cologne, traduit par un chanoine augustin hollandais de la Congrégation de Windesheim (pet. perforation au centre des prem. ff., tache brune en bas des dern. ff., déchirure margin. sans perte à F1, pet. tache d'encre sur tr. des dern. ff.). Demi-veau à coins moderne.

    Est. : 600 / 700 €
  • N° 397 — (Religion) - SURIUS, Laurentius; VAN DER HAER [HARAEUS], Franciscus.- Quinquaginta-duae vitae sanctorum selectiores simul et communiores […].
    Antverpiae, ex officina Christophori Plantini, 1588.

    In-16° : 373 (i.e. 379)-[5] pp. (title-page cut at the bottom without loss of text, marginal waterstains on the first leaves, some foxing).

    Contemporary binding : overlapping limp vellum, flat spine with the title handwritten in ink, red edges (front cover distorted, remains of ties).

    FIRST EDITION of 52 biographies of saints compiled and summarized by Haraeus (1555-1631) from the "De probatis sanctorum historiis" (Cologne, 1570-1575) of the German Carthusian Laurentius Surius (1522-1578).
    # Voet 1287; # BT 6816; # Adams S-2107; # not in Machiels.
    Provenance : Franciscan convent of Landshut in Bavaria (stamps).
    ¶ Première édition de ce recueil de vies de saints (découpe sans perte au titre, mouill. marg. aux 1ers ff., qqs rouss., plat sup. déformé, restes de lacets).

    Est. : 250 / 300 €
  • N° 398 — (Religion) - TERTULLIANUS, Quintus Septimius Florens.- Opera […] inter Latinos ecclesiae scriptores primi, sine quorum lectione nullum diem intermittebat olim divus Cyprianus, per Beatum Rhenanum Seletstadiensem è tenebris eruta atque à situ pro virili vindicata […].
    ( Basileae, apud Io. Frobenium, mense Iulio 1521).

    In-f° : [28]-615-[69] pp. (marg. waterstains, sporadic slight foxing, some leaves brownished, some little stains, margiinal worm hole on the first two leaves, some underlinings and annotations in red and black pencil, library stamps on the title-page and on endpapers).

    Contemporary binding : full pigskin over bevelled wooden boards decorated with blind tooled frames and geometrical ornaments, initials "E.S." and "A.L." stamped in black, two half-metal half-leather clasps, ribbed spine, inside dentelle, blue edges (slightly rubbed and soiled binding, metallic part missing on one clasp, some little worm holes on the spine, library label on the spine).

    POST-INCUNABLE. EDITIO PRINCEPS of Tertullian's works by the leading German historian Beatus Rhenanus of Selestadt (1485-1547). By far the most sumptuous of the editions, with fine engravings, broad margins, etc. Rhenanus started his collaboration with Froben in 1513 and even lived till 1519 in the printer's house, where he met Erasmus. He acted as the "alter ego" of Erasmus in Basel and it was on Erasmus' suggestion that he edited Tertullian as his major contribution to patristic studies. Erasmus wrote about him : "He is a friend after Pythagoras's own heart, that is, one soul with me". Tertullian was born, lived and died in Carthage (c. 155 - c. 240 AD) and was the first great writer of Latin Christianity, sometimes known as the "Father of the Latin Church". He converted to Christianity c. 198 but later in his life he became associated to the heretical Montanists (early Christian sectarian movement of the mid-2nd century A.D., named after its founder Montanus). It is probably due to this association that he has never been acknowledged as a saint.
    # Adams T-405; # USTC 679658; # VD16 T-559; # Contemporaries of Erasmus I-105/109; #; # not in Machiels.
    Provenance : Cistercian abbey of Langheim in Bavaria, 1673 (handwritten mention); "Presented to theological seminary by Rev. R.W. Bailey, 1831" (idem); unidentified supra-libros.
    ¶ Première édition critique par l'historien Rhenanus, publiée par le grand imprimeur suisse Froben. Pleine peau de truie décorée.

    Est. : 600 / 700 €
  • N° 399 — (Religion) - Een uitermaten schoon bedeboecken alle man en kinderen seer nut wesende […].
    Antwerpe[n], Ja[n] van Ghele[n], 1555.

    In-8° : [8] lvs. (small wormhole, slightly browned).

    Modern binding : half parchment, boards of marbled paper.

    ONLY COPY KNOWN of this devotional booklet printed for Lenaert Serapen, schoolmaster at Maastricht, in the "Vier Heemskinderen" on the "Groote[n] Gracht". The printer/editor was presumably Jan van Ghelen II, who succeeded his father in 1550 and continued his business for the Dutch market. Title page with woodcut vignette figuring the Crucifixion.
    # Not in BT, neither in STC Dutch, Machiels, Adams, DBNL.
    ¶ Exemplaire unique, échappé à toutes les bibliographies, de cet opuscule de dévotion imprimé à Anvers pour être distribué sur le marché hollandais par un professeur de Maestricht (pet. trou de vers au milieu, lég. bruni). Demi-vélin moderne.

    Est. : 500 / 600 €
  • N° 400 — (Science, Astronomie) - APIAN, Peter.- Cosmographia, sive Descriptio universi orbis […].
    Antverpiae, apud Joan. Bellerum (typis Joan. Withagii), 1584.

    In-4° : [16]-478 [i.e. 469]-[2] pp. (copy very slightly browned, small tears and a few corners repaired, marginal wormholes, marginal holes in rare lvs).

    Modern binding in the style of ancients : re-used vellum with small flaps, ribbed spine with ink title (foxing on the flyleaves and pastedowns).

    Major geographical and astronomical work of Apian edited and expanded by Gemma Frisius, also with some of his treatises (incl. the "De locorum describendorum ratione" on using triangulation for a correct cartography, and with some chapters being presented by his oldest son Cornelius after his death). This version of the Cosmographia became one of the most popular books on the subject of the time. Abundantly illustrated with woodcuts in the text and some full-pages - of which 4 globes with volvelles -, a double-page world map "Charta Cosmographica", a large globe on the title-page and historiated or ornemental initials. Edition with the name of Beller on the title but shared with J. Verwithagen. The first edition was published in 1524.
    # BB I-89; # BT 142; # BMC Dutch p. 12; # Wellcome 346 (J. Withagius for J. Bellerus); # USTC 407258; # Adams A-1286; # Soltész A-437 ("ex officina Joannis Withagii"); # Shirley, Mapping of the world, n° 96; # not in Machiels nor in Sabin (other ed.).
    ¶ Célèbre ouvrage d'Apian, édité et augmenté par Gemma, abondamment illustré d'in texto, dont 4 grav. avec parties mobiles, et d'1 carte du monde sur double page. Plein parchemin moderne à l'imitation des rel. anciennes (qqs pet. défauts).

    Est. : 5.000 / 6.000 €
  • N° 401 — (Science, Astronomie) - APIAN, Peter.- Folium populi. Instrumentum hoc a Petro Apiano iam recens inventum […]. In disem newen Instrument, das die Form unnd Gestalt hat eines Blats, werden durch den Sonnen scheyn, in der gantzen welt gefunden die gemaine Stunden des Tages […].
    (Excusum Ingolstadii, 22 die mense octobris, an. 1533).

    In-f° : [11]-[1 bl.] ff.; 1 pl. dépliante (qqs pâles rouss.).

    Rel. moderne : demi-vélin, plats de papier marbré, étiq. manuscrite titrée sur le plat sup.

    RARISSIME ÉDITION PRINCEPS, IMPRIMÉE SUR LES PRESSES DE L'AUTEUR, bien complète de la rarissime table dépliante qui manque quasi toujours. Le titre est orné d'un grand bois gravé par Binck, figurant un Oriental et un Européen tenant des instruments scientifiques.
    # Van Ortroy 106; # Zinner 1513; # Stalla, Bibliogr. der Ingolstädter Drucker, p. 8 et n° 79; # STC German 37; # Deschamps, Dict. géogr., 655; # Adams A-1289; # pas dans Machiels.
    ¶ RARE FIRST EDITION, printed on the author's press, complete of the folding table. Title with a large woodcut figuring and Oriental and an European holding scientific instruments. Half modern vellum (some light foxing).

    Est. : 8.000 / 10.000 €
  • N° 402 — (Science, Astronomie) - APIAN, Peter.- Horoscopion Apiani generale dignoscendis horis […].
    (Excusum Ingolstadii, anno curr. 1533).

    In-f° : [20] ff.; 1 h.-t. (qqs pet. taches, f. B4 bruni).

    Rel. moderne : demi-veau, plats de papier jaspé de noir, étiq. manuscrite titrée sur le plat sup.

    RARISSIME ÉDITION ORIGINALE IMPRIMÉE SUR LES PRESSES de L'AUTEUR et de SON FRÈRE GEORG, COMPLÈTE de la feuille répétant le bois du titre et qui manque souvent. Elle se compose de 4 parties dont une traduction abrégée des deux premières se trouve dans l'"Instrument Buch" de 1533 et dont les deux dernières parties, ici remaniées, avaient déjà paru dans d'autres ouvrages d'Apian. Titre en noir et rouge orné de mesures scientifiques, complet du feuillet hors texte reprenant le même bois, 2 grands bois de figures astrologiques et bois in texto.
    # Van Ortroy 100; # Zinner 1512; # Stalla, Bibliogr. der Ingolstädter Drucker, p. 8 et n° 80; # Wellcome I-340; # STC German 37; # Adams A-1290; # pas dans Machiels.
    ¶ EXTREMELY RARE FIRST EDITION printed on the author's press by his brother Georg. Illustrated with a title woodcut (copy complete of the leaf repeating it) and with vignettes in the text. Half modern calf.

    Est. : 8.000 / 10.000 €
  • N° 403 — (Science, Astronomie) - APIAN, Peter.- Instrumentum primi mobilis. Nunc primum et inventum et in lucem editum. […] Accedunt iis Gebri filii Affla Hispalensis astronomi vetustissimi pariter & peritissimi, libri IX de Astronomia […].
    Norimbergae apud Io. Petreium, 1534.

    In-f° : [79]-146-[2 bl.] pp. (déchirures au titre lég. sali parfaitement restaurées, pet. tache sur le titre, petit coin inf. du titre découpé restauré, mouill. pâle aux deux 1ers ff. sinon bonne condition).

    Rel. de récupération du 18e s. : pleine basane marbrée à l'éponge, dos lisse orné de caissons fleuronnés dorés, tranches rouges (mors et charnières renouvelés, coins émoussés restaurés, coiffes restaurées, pet. galerie de ver au coin sup. g. du plat sup., qqs lég. éraflures).

    FORT RARE ÉDITION ORIGINALE DE LA TRADUCTION (éd. orig. en allemand : Ingolstadt, 1533, sur les presses de l'auteur) en deux parties : la première concerne les propositions consacrées à l'étude et à l'emploi d'un instrument, le "primi mobilis", "inventé" par Apian pour calculer des sinus mais en réalité adapté de la grille trigonométrique déjà connue des Arabes et déjà placée sur le quadrant des mathématiciens du moyen âge (ce texte sera repris dans son "Instrumentum sinuum seu Primi mobilis", Nurnberg, 1541). La seconde partie est la traduction de l'arabe par Gérard de Crémone de l'ouvrage écrit au XIe s. par le savant Geber ben Aphla sur les "Éléments géométriques". Titre orné d'un grand bois figurant un Oriental (ben Affla ?) et un Européen (Apian ?) tenant des instruments d'astronomie. Avec armoiries du dédicataire, 9 pp. de tables de sinus et qqs bois in texto.
    # Van Ortroy 107; # Zinner 1553; # Stillwell, Awakening, 21; # STC German 37; # Adams A-1292; # pas dans Machiels.
    ¶ SCARCE FIRST LATIN EDITION of this work in two parts : the first dealing with instruments (a.o. to calculate sinus) and the second with geometry. Illustrated with the dedicatee's coat of arms, some vignettes in the text and with 9 pp. of sinus-tables. Title with a large woodcut figuring ben Affla (?) and Apian (?). Re-used 18th century sheepskin (tears in t.-p. skillfully repaired, joints and corners dulled of the binding renewed).

    Est. : 7.000 / 8.000 €
  • N° 404 — (Science, Médecine) - VAN KUCK, Gheeraert.- Hier beghint een cleyn tractaecken van die epidimia ofte van die pestilentie […].
    Thantwerpen, by die weduwe van Jacob van Liesveldt, [ 1558].

    In-8°: [24] lvs (paper restoration at the corners of some lvs, slightly soiled).

    Modern binding : half parchment, paper boards.

    RARE FIRST AND ONLY EDITION of this treatise on the plague by Gheeraert van Kuck, surgeon in Bruges, in two parts considering the medication, prevention and care, physically as well as morally or spiritually. Title pages with two identical woodcuts representing a bedridden patient. Liesveldt's printer's mark and devise "Fortitudo mea Deus" on the last page indicate that the edition was provided by Liesveldt's widow, and not by Jan van Ghelen, who published the same year an identical but less polished print.
    # BT 4646; # De Gulden Passer 9 (1931), 119-122; # niet in STC Dutch, noch in Machiels of Adams; # Netherlandish Books 17696; # not in DBNL.
    ¶ Édition originale de ce traité sur la peste par un chirurgien de Bruges. Deux titres ornés d'un bois gravé (coins des prem. ff. restaurées, lég. défraîchie). Demi-parchemin moderne.

    Est. : 1.500 / 1.800 €

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